About Us

Not a Stitch of Quit



Our ridiculously luxurious Italian fabric is super-lightweight and so silky smooth that it feels downright decadent. But just wait until you see how it performs.

It’s not treated with sun protection, it’s made of it. An incredible blend of proven shielding fibers, tightly woven to provide a lab-tested Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50, effectively blocking 98% of UVA and UVB rays, even after 40 washes. So you can love the sun, even if it doesn’t return your affection.

Our fabric also resists chlorine, so dive in and swim in it if you want. And when you’re powering through your workout, it’s busy wicking away moisture and keeping you cool and comfy.

Crafted into beautiful, dynamic fashions, Yaffa Activewear is designed to look every bit as stylish whether you’re working out or going out.

Because your active lifestyle never quits. Neither should your style.

Fashion in action.

The Thread that Connects Us




My great aunt Yaffa defied the norms of her era. At a time when nearly all clothing was designed by men, she achieved prominence in the fashion industry of 1930’s Europe, working with fine Italian fabrics. She was a pioneer who brought a woman’s sensibility to the world of women’s fashion.

Aunt Yaffa’s determination and dedication to fashion has been my guidepost as I charted my own career through New York’s fashion industry, eventually serving as head of Merchandising & Design at Danskin®.

In 2013, I decided to launch my own activewear company to meet the needs of the women of today. Women who, like myself, continue to defy norms and never ever compromise their ideals. I wanted to create fashions that would also be uncompromising, with the highest degree of sun protection and comfort imaginable. Beautiful, dynamic, and unstoppable.

Of course, I named it in Aunt Yaffa’s honor. Because the women of today will be inspiration for the women of tomorrow.


Laura Preskin
CEO & Founder, Yaffa Activewear