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Posted on August 24 2015

Sweet Sweats

Say goodbye to your ratty old workout clothes, and hello to luxe workout gear to wear all day.

Face it, sometimes your life on the go just doesn't afford you time to change out of your gym clothes. Now, that's not such a bad thing thanks to the launch of Yaffa Activewear, a line of high-end tennis and golf apparel from Edgemont entrepreneur Laura Preskin, and the debut of women's fashion fitness store SIX:02. High-performance, sport-specific apparel is the main focus for both companies, but their clothing is also made to look-and feel-good enough to wear outside the tennis court or CrossFit box. 

SIX:02, which opened in June, offer a wide range of brands and styles (Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Mizuno, etc.) devoted to CrossFit, yoga, running, dance, and strength training. The growing chain is all about creating fitness "moments" with its clothing-allowing you to, say, head straight from a  barre class to brunch without having to change or cover up, which I so eloquently did one day and confirm SIX:02's clothing made for a smooth transition (though I would have liked the Under Armour shorts to offer a bit more, ahem, coverage.)

I also put Preskin's Yaffa line to the test. Though my tennis is rusty, the compression fit of the capri pants (no shifting or chafing!) was great for chasing balls across the court. Ditto for running errands the rest of the day. And that was precisely Preskin's goal. "Women are staying in their fitness clothing all day long now.," she explains. So the clothes must "Truly cross over to everyday casual." Preskin, an avid tennis player with a background in fashion merchandising, launched Yaffa because she says she wanted to provide "chic, comfortable, and flattering tennis wear for women over 35." Mission accomplished. 

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